YSL Application

Please read, review, and reflect on the following information as you consider being a YSL. Thank you for your time and willingness to serve! 

What is a Youth Servant Leader (YSL)? 

During the week of service at Camp Omega: To assist the counselors in providing for the physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of campers attending the Camp Omega Summer Ministry Program. To put others before yourself, seeking to serve the mission of Jesus Christ at Camp Omega. To be a leader in attitude, conduct, and acts of kindness.
Beyond camp: To serve the world and share the love of Jesus Christ.

¨       Have completed their freshman year of high school OR be a minimum age of 15
¨       Be an active member of a Christian church
¨       Have an active faith
¨       Have emotional maturity and integrity to work with campers and other staff
¨       A strong sense of Christian fellowship, and stewardship, as it relates to the care of the environment, campgrounds, and equipment.
¨       Completed Leadership Training Camp, having demonstrated the above abilities.

¨       Maintain a growing spiritual life and set a Christian example at all times.
¨       Attend all camp devotions and Bible studies as duties allow.
¨       Place well-being of campers before personal desires.
¨       Maintain open communication with coworkers.
¨       Adhere to Camp Omega’s policies and procedures.
¨       Care for camp facilities and equipment.
¨       Assist the Foodservice Director with the daily duties of food service as assigned.
¨       Assist the Housekeeping Director with the daily duties of camp facility care as assigned.
¨       Assist the Maintenance Director with the duties of maintaining camp facilities as assigned.
¨       Assist the counseling staff with caring for the campers as assigned.
¨       Identify and meet the needs of the campers.
¨       Complete additional tasks as assigned.

YSLs are NOT considered to be Camp Omega staff but rather, volunteers. Every volunteer at Camp Omega is expected to present him or herself as a responsible, mature, dedicated servant of Jesus Christ.

Youth Servant Leaders will be contracted for one week of service.  YSLs may be asked to serve multiple weeks, depending on the needs of Camp Omega